your eyes make 
me shy

Is such a cute saying, 
Saying that I like you
and each time you look my way
my heart can’t stand to look at you
for false hope that you might feel the same.

But this is my way of saying
that all pairs of eyes
no matter who they are
make me shy,
make me afraid
of how judged and inadequate
I truly am. 

We are but an
unwritten story
full of possibilities
with little chance
of any seeing light. 

I rely on
the butterflies
to guide me through
the lovely wood whence
my feelings are held prison. 
However misguided,
like a fool
I follow them
knowing not what else
to trust. 

Why can’t love be like honey?
Always golden, sweet
and best of all: eternal. 


What I thought were flowers
were but the leaves
changing seasons.

My teacher has assigned a project on whatever topic we want! Anybody have any interesting/creative/unique ideas? :)

Love: A Definition

With time your novelty expired
but my feelings for you never did.


Your breath smelled
like oil of the winter green
—methyl salicylate
but that isn’t as poetic—
it reminded me of winter:
the bristling cold, the gusting wind,
and the snow capped conifers;
entirely uninviting 
yet strangely captivating. 

Swimming in black waters;
sleepless nights,
no time to rest,
seriously on edge,
eyes blazing,
fangs bared,
sacrifices must be made.

Awaiting Impact

A streak of blaring light
had never been so evil in intention
like a deer in the headlights
we could only stare
as the mesmerizing beacon
spelled our doom. 

Unveiled I now am
from the mist concealing
my once energetic self
I no longer know
how to contain
all that I now feel. 

There are no shortages of words
for people telling us
what to do. 

Restless eyes
dart around the room
until they land on her
and there they stay
until she looks at you. 

Your aesthetic beauty
is what pulled me in your gravity,
like a moon orbiting the Earth.
Then your voice dragged me into
your atmosphere where I was a puff
of a pearly white cloud.
Only your thoughts, passions, 
humour and kindness
are what make me saunter
to your planet’s core
where I become a liquid
as hot and fiery as the magma
which heats the surface of the earth
and makes human life possible. 

I have always
and will always
write my love poems for you
though the you in question
will always change.